"I ain't gonna lie, some have got better / Dizzee got worse but he still got cheddar"

Photo by Alex Sturrock

Top 18 things that I heard in 2007 in no particular order (with selected commentary):

1. Trim - Soulfood Vol. 1
2. Apple - Mr Bean
3. DJ NG - Tell Me
Coming out again on Atlantic Records next year
4. Estelle - American Boy (TS7 Remix)
5. Trim - Soulfood Vol. 2
I think I'm the only person who thought this was better than Vol. 1
6. JTJ Productions - It's You
7. Wiley - Apocalypto
Have you heard Wiley's funky house remix of "Night"?
El-B - Shorty (Steppa Mix)
9. Mavado - Gangsta For Life
10. Cheeksta - Baby (TS7 Remix)
11. Martyn - Twenty Four
Who would have thought that in 2007 dubstep could still be subtle? Not a cod-Jamaican vocal in sight, too.
12. Burial - Unite
I don't actually dislike Burial
13. Durrty Goodz - Switching Songs Part 2
14. Dizzee Rascal - Dean
This was a B-side on the "Sirens" CD single. Strangely, it's better than pretty much every other track on the album. It's like one of those dreamy, introspective tracks from Boy in Da Corner. I guess it didn't really fit in with the whole "British hip-hop" theme he was going for with this LP. Shame, really.
15. Wookie - Gallium
16. Joker - Gully Brook Lane
Is this ever actually going to come out on vinyl?
17. Wiley - 16 Bar Rally
18. T2 - Why (Mr Virgo Remix)

Top 2 1Xtra DJs who say "The" before every artist name:

1. The DJ Cameo
2. The DJ Footloose

Top 5 people / things / animals Skepta has been photographed with this year:

1. Some Hasidic Jews

2. A camel

3. Trigga

4. Ian from Black Lips

5. The Israeli flag

Top 2 songs of 2007 about penises:

1. Ce'Cile - Prancehall Dub
2. Riskay - Smell Yo Dick

Top 3 screwfaces of 2007:

1. Jammer

2. Jammer

3. Fuda Guy

Top 3 most overrated grime albums of 2007 (in order of overratedness):

1. Skepta - Greatest Hits
2. Dizzee Rascal - Maths & English
3. Wiley - Playtime Is Over

Top 4 slogan T-shirts of 2007:

1. DJ Scholar - I Got It 4 Cheap!

2. Afrikan Boy - I'm Focused, Don't U Get It?

3. Lee Brasco - You Make Me Sick

Jammer - Are You Dumb?


Anonymous said...

I didn't though there was anyone that rated Playtime is over in the first place!

Greatest Hits was a real missed opportunity. Its a pity.

Like Ghetto says, "you can take three from each; I bet it's not better than Freedom Of Speech

I have grudgingly come to accept that the Soul Foods are probably amongst the best mixtapes this year has seen. Next year is going to be all about Volume 3 and Freedom Of Speech. And maybe Griminal - Not Just Bars as well.


playtime got good reviews in most publications. i think a lot of people felt obliged.

is freedom of speech as bad as ghetto gospel? i gave up on ghetto after that.

Anonymous said...

Well, its gonna be all Lewi White productions, and hopefully more Grime as opposed to bad Tupac imitations...

Yoni said...

BIG UP skepta for rocking the Israeli flag! am yisrael chai!!! kol akavod! lol, but anyone know the motive for it? so random.

Anonymous said...

PranceHall>>> Whats better Greatest Hits, Playtime Is Over, Maths and English, Or any other Mixtape that came out round the same time... Compared to Ghetto Gospel! And by the way Freedom of speech sold out the first week at HMV. Im not just biggin' u Ghetts for nothing but, Some of us dont care about numbers, its the BARS that count! Numbers dont mean sh*t, ask Dizzee, Kano's new mixtape will prove it... I'm guessing you havent heard it already, since you dont seem to be clued up! That goes to everyone else, know what you talking bout in and out; be it good, bad or ugly!