The great thing about the period just after Christmas is all your Northeners and Midlanders and what have you are all still back home in the hills so you kind of get London to yourself. It's just like being Will Smith in I Am Legend, but totally and completely different.

Annoyingly a lot of people will be back for NYE. This event is somewhere in Hackney. Apparently you need to sign up to a list to get in. Do that here:


Anonymous said...

Liverpool Street station is closed, and will be til the new year, so hopefully that will keep Essex out of London a bit until some kind of Berlin Wall can be put up to do a better job

I think that deserves a toast


Anonymous said...

I think you mean its like I Am Legend except without the zombies.


yeah you're right. i'm ill you know.

and yeah next year we should build the great wall of china around london when everyone leaves and don't let anyone back.

Sean said...

should be a good party on new years, i think ts gonna be really rammed early on though, know so many people that are going..

do u know how big the venue is prancehall?

Anonymous said...

thats a lot of trendy hoxton fucks in that picture there. that must hold some sort of small record for 'highest number of smugonauts' in once picture.