"Receipt in the bag, sir?"

It wouldn't be a Prancehall Christmas without a message from Jammer. Last Xmas eve Jammer was showing off his presents and doing karaoke with his dad. This year my friend Jack was round at Jam's getting a 16 for a Black Lips re-work he's making for his forthcoming mixtape. He managed to get this video before Jammer had to rush off.

Ears in some nylon Adidas dungarees. Photo by James Pearson-Howes

My friend James Pearson-Howes AKA Queenie has just put some old school Jammer / Jahmek Da World pics on his blog. Says Queenie: "Dude, I found some great old pictures of Jammer and his crew back in the day - proper '04 business. Jammer still owes me 200 Ps for that shoot."


Anonymous said...

Ears looks like he's working at a butcher's or Sainsburys' cold meat counter

I heard his new mixtape is to be called "Ears & Graces" btw

Lektrogirl said...

i love ears