...And nan, thanks for the cardigan

Christmas Eve is so weird. Scores of gormless, hungover people (me included) frantically trying to buy some last minute tat. Right now I'm sat at home in the early hours of Christmas morning listening to I Wayne, having just finished wrapping all of the expensive tat I bought earlier today.

My friend Jamie-James Medina went to Jammer's house on Christmas Eve and while he was there, got a preview of all the presents Jam's bought this year. It seems as though he's gone crazy with the buying - he's seriously put me to shame. I hear that Jammer doesn't have a Christmas tree at home, instead his family all gather round the karaoke machine in the kitchen and have a sing-song. I've got some footage of Jam and his dad doing a rendition of Bob Marley's "Jammin'", which I wil upload on the Vice site in the next few days along with my end of year review.

Here's an old snap of Jammer and his dad, Brother Jerry, which I found in a pile of classic pictures taken by Jamie-James. I've scanned in a couple and uploaded them to my new photo blog, which now lives in the sidebar over there. I'll be uploading most of the pictures I take there from now on so my blog will be less cluttered and will load faster.

And finally here is Faction G's Christmas message to everyone. Stay safe kids and I hope all your dreams come true.

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Anonymous said...

that jammer video is too much!!!!!!! hahahahhhaaaaa