Home Sweet Home

While Bono is trying to save the world, and Wiley is trying to take on the world, all Kano is worried about is that you get home safely. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the news that Kano has shown support for Cabwise, the campaign which encourages Londoners to text to receive the numbers of licensed minicabs in the area they are texting from. Kano said: "Before you go out you should plan how you're getting home and when you're out look out for your mates."

Real talk.

Here's the Jammer karaoke video I was talking about. I love the way he doesn't really know the words.


I was going to do another awards ceremony this year following the success of last year's Showerface Awards, and give out ASBOs as prizes to all the winners, but instead I'm just going to leave you with my top 10 mixtapes of the year.

Top 10 Mixtapes of the Year:

Jammer - Are You Dumb Vol. 1
Wiley - Tunnel Vision Vol. 2
JME - Poomplex: Edition 2
Ghetto - 2000 & Life
Devlin - Tales from the Crypt
Roadside Gs - Gangsta Grime
Slix - Down Vol. 1
Faction G - The Fact Remains
Ruff Sqwad - Guns & Roses Vol. 2
Neckle Camp - Straight Necklin'


Worst Mixtape of the Year:
MC Narstie - What's The Story Brixton Glory

Chocolate Bar of the Year:

Soft Drink of the Year:

Best Grime Look of the Year:

Worst Grime Look of the Year:


One more thing before I go. Is this the most boring man alive?


Anonymous said...

You're definately right about the worst mixtape of the year although i reckon L Man's Impatiently Waiting was equally bad.

tom said...

check out halloween ghetto on that first pic!

alex bkbk said...

LOLLL that jammer video is solid gold

but wow you really hate Narstie. I thought the puffs was a big look myself. He looks like a giant teddy bear - its a lot!

Anonymous said...

this blog takes an hour to load.... make the pictures smaller guy

Anonymous said...

^^ get broadband innit.