Me and these other MCs don't size up

So I was with my friend Jamie-James, Faction G and Snipe Dot Gee (look out for this guy) in that studio above the club Purple and Fuda Guy and Tinchy Stryder turned up to do some tracks for Fuda's mixtape Headgone.

I got them to do a quick freestyle over a new DVA beat and found out a little bit about what they are working on. Tinchy told me he's got an album coming out next year on the small independent label Takeover Entertainment. The first single will be "Breakaway" which he has already made a video for. It's just like a normal grime video with him and his friends standing around, but with a bit at the start with his girl telling him to break away. That's what he said.

Faction G gave me a bunch of copies of his new mixtape. I'm considering giving a few away on here but I know how unappreciative people were last time I gave away some CDs.

While at the studio, I also got the chance to hear a preview of an incredible song from Wiley's new album featuring Badness and Riko. Badness is definitely someone to look out for next year. I've got a special from him on my mixtape (which is suffering a bit from the curse of grime but will be finished very soon once Trim gets me the track he's doing).

Click here for something seasonal by Wiley.


Anonymous said...

when the mixtape drops will I be able to get a copy in the states? what I'm really asking is if you would mail me one if I paypal you some money?


yeah i'll send it to you for free. email me when it's out (keep checking back on the blog over the next few weeks) and i'll send it.

Anonymous said...

dope, thanks a lot