Bad him up, bad him up, bad him up once

As promised, here is the web exclusive of the Roadside Gs "Come 2 Da Roadside" video made by HAC Entertainment. If you are looking to do a music video that doesn't look shit, contact me and I'll put you in touch with them. I've had no luck so far with getting the "Judgement Day" tracks. I heard "Judgement Day 3" today (in which Wiley talks some shit about Scorcher) while I was with Faction G getting a freestyle recorded for my mixtape. Check back here tomorrow for a full studio report with video freestyles from Stryder and Fuda Guy (who showed up by chance) and a seasonal message from Faction.

I've also had no luck getting the stills of Kano in the Def Jam computer game. The little spastic who incessantly harassed me for days regarding a Kano interview has now stopped calling and I am yet to receive the pictures he was supposed to send. Maybe I shouldn't make promises, but instead surprise you, so then every day (or few days, when I decide to post) would be like Christmas.

I got the Roadside Gs web exclusive, a few days back BET got the worldwide exclusive of the new 8Ball and MJG video for their song "Relax and Take Notes". There is a very slight difference in status there but I'm working to change that.


Go over to Dot-Alt for a great Logan Sama interview, where he manages to outdo his masterful use of the word "dichotomy" on the Rinsessions DVD with this wordy gem:

"It's like an amorphous, constantly changing thing that naturally evolves - it's like a protoplasmic creature that changes shape."

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alex bkbk said...

haha exactly !!!! biggup for that