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I went to see Ludacris last week. I wasn't going to blog about it because they wouldn't let anyone take pictures in the venue, but then I got hold of some pictures from the people who put on the event, so that is the very long and drawn out reason why I am writing this right now. Ludacris was great live, btw. It was interesting to see the difference between him and Chamillionaire. Chamillionaire is a lot more lyrical which is hard to get across when playing a live show. Like the Chamillionaire gig, Sway was once again in support. Sway is awful live. His lyrics are too busy to have an effect on a big crowd and he stutters his way through them. But he's released an album and got some recognition, so until Skepta or Wiley or JME put their albums out next year, he'll continue to be booked.

The Faction G mixtape (which contains one of my favourite songs of the year "3 Options") is out now. Go buy two copies.

Tempa T was on Logan Sama's show last night doing a live PA of his vocal of "Battle Riddim". One of the best moments on radio this year.

Download the whole show here.

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alex bkbk said...

pretty please can u link our logan interview in yr next post prancer?