Cream cheese bagel and a sausage roll

Last night was pretty good. It really is great being in London when no one is around. The streets were empty all night. Catch has the shittiest soundsystem in the world and none of their equipment works but it was fun. I DJed there till 2 AM and then went to the Russian bar on Kingsland Road for some after hours boozing. I saw there was no one on the decks so I asked the owner if I could play. He agreed on the condition that I didn't play any garage, hip-hop, dancehall or funky house. I played "Mr Bean", "Tell Me", some tracks off that JTJ Productions EP and a new El-B song before I got bored and headed to the bagel shop on Brick Lane (the yellow one, not the other one that everyone seems to go to). I was just leaving when a car pulled up on the pavement outside and out jumped Jammer looking more drunk than I was. Watch the video. The bit in the middle where the camera goes crazy is when he fell flat on his back mid apple turnover munch.


Tom said...

the yellow one's blatantly the better one too.


and theres russian bar beggin me to hold a garage dance at there shitty club ....airrrrrrrrrrr lol