Maximum Mumdance (see what I did there?)

MP3: DJ Venom - Maximum Carnage

I forgot to post this last year but this is a great mix from my friend DJ Venom. It has loads of good bassline stuff and he hasn't ripped any dodgy mp3s out of other people's mixes like I see a lot of people doing (go and buy the record you fucking tramps - what happened to buying stuff you like?). There's also some excloose DJ Assault and Starkey and Drop The Lime and other stuff like that. Tracklist in the comments. Download here.

When my friend Jack (Mumdance) was at Jammer's on Xmas eve, he got him to do a quick 16 on an unofficial re-edit he did of Diplo's Black Lips remix. Download the song here. Says Jack: "I was supposed to meet Jammer in the studio he has in his basement. We turned up and his mum answered the door and said he hadn't come home from the rave he'd been at night the before so we ended up picking him up from some girl's house on the other side of town. When we got back, like an hour later, he had to do the bars in one take as he had to run off and make an appearance at his 16-year-old cousin's birthday party. The song is about religion, which gave Jammer the chance to start preaching: "God made you a diamond, he wants to see you bling / He don't wanna see you in a bin / Or drunk on a bench with a gin."

Do homeless alcoholic guys drink gin? I guess they drink anything they can get their hands on.


I didn't actually DJ on NYE in the end. I was going to play this though, even though I was on about two hours after midnight. It's "Heartbroken" with a countdown and the chimes of big ben added, made by Toddla T. Maybe next year.



1. dexplicit feat giglez – ready – dxp recordings - 2007
2. dbx - freakin - awol - 2004
3. agent x feat jd the dready - return of the boss - heatseeker 2007
4. ts7 feat t dot - raise ur glasses - heetseeker - 2007
5. drop the lime - hear me (monster mosh 4x4 dub) - trouble & bass - 2007
6. kevlar feat platinum - you & i - yepyep - 2007
7. faggatronix - omg (dj venom remix 1) - unreleased 2007
8. easy-e - gimmie that nutt - ruthless - 1993
9. the doc - portrait of a masterpiece - ruthless - 1989
10. mr v - game over - music hustler - 2007
11. paleface/sticky - warlord - suited and booted 2007
12. paleface - club slugz – northern line 2007
13. ts7 - baby - white label - 2007
14. fya - boops (dance until you drop – agent x remix) - heatseeker - 2007
15. starkey - swollen glands - exclusive – 2007
16. paleface & flukes – arabian slugz – northern line – 2007
17. dexplicit – good for me – riddler records 2007
18. ts7 – flip flop – heatseeker – 2007
19. jameson feat viper – selecta (urban hero) – sound proof - 2002
20. faggatronix - don't think i'm not mental mate - unreleased - 2007
21. dj venom feat dj assault - hoes get venom (venom theme) - unreleased - 2007
22. dude 'n' nem - watch my feet - tvt - 2007
23. ceephax acid crew - ceephax acid - breakin' 2003
24. joe walsh - in the city - epic -1979

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ahhhhhhh i really wanna see Jammers basement (no hizzomo) a prancehall cribs perhaps?? :D