Sean Kingston interview

Below is a recent interview I did with Sean Kingston. Read the edited version in Vice here.

Prancehall: Hey, did you star as Leroy the boxer in Bugsy Malone? You look like him.
Sean Kingston: What? No, I didn't star in that. I did acting when I was younger, though. I went to acting school and I enjoyed it a lot.

Oh, okay. So why did you let DJ Khaled anywhere near your album? He's literally insane.
He's not insane, he's a good dude. He shows a lot of love to me and has a lot of energy. He's very energetic, know what I mean?

Does he shout all over the song on your album, like he usually does?
No, he doesn't shout all over it.

Thank God for that. Do you have a girlfriend right now?

No, I'm single.

Why haven't you got a girlfriend?
I'm focusing on my career, man.

No time for girls?
No time for girls, I'm always busy. I mean, I love girls - I have associates, I have friends, but not a girlfriend.

Is it true your executive producer, J.R., hooked up with Britney Spears?
Yes. Some of it was true, some of it was a rumour. He did take Britney Spears on a date, but as far as him saying that he had sex with Britney Spears and all that stuff, that was kind of a little…

Was the date before or after she shaved her head?
Erm... that was after.

Did he introduce you to Britney?

Yeah, I met Britney with him at the studio. She's cool, man, she's very shy, she's very quiet. She's kind of funny, you know what I'm saying?

Would you say she's a beautiful girl?
Erm... she is, she is. My definition of a beautiful girl is Beyonce, though.

What if Beyonce shaved her head, would you still think she was a beautiful

Yeah. She has a nice body. She's not going to shave her head, though.

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