The Observer ran a piece on singer-songwriters on Sunday and featured Lethal B(izzle). Erm... are they tryna take man for a cocktail sausage? Since when was he a singer or, for that matter, a songwriter? Apparently he took a body guard to the shoot and got him to look after his ice cream while he had is picture taken. Read the article here.

This is 50 Cent's remake of his forthcoming Rolling Stone cover with Kanye. Curtis has a sense of humour.

VBS is doing some kind of 50 Cent vs Kanye thing this week. This is part 1 of Spike Jonze hanging out with Kanye. There's also a 50 interview.

I almost forgot about this, but there was also another Spike Jonze Spends... with M.I.A. where they go to Afrikan Boy's house (he's signed to her label, don'tchaknow?). Pretty funny. Notice the way she pretends they met "out and about" but it was a total MySpace thing. Just like Kano pretending he saw Kate Nash on MySpace when in fact it was all totally planned for him. Gotta go now. Bye.

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