Dikhead Ting

Officially my favourite thing on the internet from the last three months. Who's the guy across the road I wonder?

I'm not sure if I mentioned Goodz's Axiom EP on here before now because I was saving myself for a Vice feature that never happened (does anyone have his phone number? If so please email it to me) but I have been liking it a lot. It's good to have him back. I listen to this little clip at least once every day. Just saying.

The guys from Y3 Media emailed me a week or so back to tell me they'd uploaded footage from Wiley's album launch. They strangely decided against providing me with a link to where I could find it, but I'm smart like guys with three or more GCSEs so managed to track it down. This is part 1 of 5, but in keeping with tradition, I will leave you to find the rest of the links yourself. I also stumbled across older footage they have of some of the Eskibeat youngers. I wasn't totally convinced before how good Ice Kid was (even though I booked him for my final night at Scala earlier this year) but his little freestyle at the start is pretty great I think.

I haven't posted in ages but now I can't stop. Here's Wiley with his Eskibeat youngers on Westwood months and months ago. You can really tell with them all in the room that this is the generation who grew up listening to Wiley. They sound so much like him. Look at Richard in the background throughout the whole thing standing there like a proud dad.

Oh, btw, in case you missed it, Wiley Kat left Big Dada only to come running back with his tail between his legs a week later. Big look for the scene, as they say.


Finally, here's a letter I got about my mixtape last week or the week before. I will be sending out CDs to whoever asks. Just email me.


I downloaded your mix-tape and I'm listening to it now.

The Toxic freestyle just got pulled three times.

I just this second thought that to earn a c.d i'm going do a real time
written commentry while i smoke some marajuana and listen to your mix.


Jammers still doing his thing. Its great. The toxic rhythm makes me think of a cowboy film or those yellow suits in kill bill. Wait. Theres an american guy, just like wham, right up in my head phones. He sounds good in a sort of lazy way. And the beats like a kind of euphoric sci-fi film, with a limp, which is quite a good thing. Hold on, is that the Justin Timberlake song? No. No, its not. Its Will Pherell. Mary Jane tune sounds great. Jammers back. Jumpy rhythm mix, its uplifting, now its changed, this must be Slinga. Oh wait, the beats like mario 64 music in the ghost world and also a fruit machine. Great! Heres the big man. On good form. Its like he was never shot in his big fat belly. And i guess this is our man in new york or berlin or whatever. Hold on. Some ones on the phone. Mr Shadetek made the wobbles yeah? They're nice. Still phone. Getting bored with the phone. Thats it. Finally some jamacians. Thats great. The beat is triumphant and like one of those battering rams in medival times. the flows faster and more militant. The singing man is great. Gangster for life and that. Seriously though, wicked exclusive. We are back to the americans. That guy with the higher voice who does the choppy double time flow. Hes great. He should be famous. wow im dizzy now. More ghost sirens// FFFFuck its really late. Its 5.38. I'm going Bed. You can make the rest up. Wait../ the Movado lick is great.

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