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Jammer is in the new issue of i-D dressed as a giant multi-coloured condom. Cardigans a month or two back, now this. Look out for Wiley in a skirt and blouse next month (maybe).


Some recent songs I like:

Mykal Rose - Shoot Out

Grandads may remember Mykal Rose's big song with Shabba Ranks in the 90s. I don't, but I really like this.


Grit Boys - Cup Full feat. Mac Boney & Dizzee Rascal

Do you remember when Dizzee did that amazing radio show with Grit Boys on Damage Control when he was over in Houston a few years back? There was talk of them doing some tracks together. One of them ("Get In") came out on a mixtape a little while ago but there's also one on Grit Boys' new album, Ghetto Reality In Texas.


Apple - Mr Bean

I don't have an mp3 of this (you can listen to a sample here) but I bought it on vinyl a few months back after a recommendation from Logan Sama. It's a kind of soca/makossa-grime track (with tribal / tropical dancehall percussion) on a funky house label and I'm a big fan. Think Jon E Cash making carnival music. I've played this every time I've DJed recently and it always goes down well. I heard Spyro playing it on that big Rinse FM set last weekend (which wasn't actually as good as everyone said. Maybe kind of boring, in fact, but I can't be bothered to explain why right now).


Anonymous said...

Mr Bean is funky house

dont associate it with grime


what do u mean "dont associate it with grime"? who do you think you are? logan sama?

mr bean sounds like what i expected that tropical stuff that jme was making to sound like. if it's funky house, then i now like funky house.