No furry hats, no hoods

I went to Dirty Canvas last night for the launch party of their label. Lee Brasco, Dirty Danger, Purple, Badness, Jammer, Neckle Camp, Ras Kwame and Terror Danjah were all there but the highlight for me was D Double E's new hat. It was incredible. Think a little mink Liza Minnelli number meets something Dot Cotton might have been wearing in the 80s and you will get the picture. Towards the end of the night, Jammer and Badness did a PA of the next release on No Hats No Hoods which was produced by Silverlink. I can't remember what it was like - I was too mesmerised by the hat. Just after I left I heard Jammer and co. were hanging out playing music in their car and smoking across the road from the venue when some police rolled up and searched the car, but it was all bless in the end innit.

This is my new favourite drink. I only discovered it the other day but it's pretty amazing. It's like a cross between Lilt and Rubicon Passion.


Josh Console said...

The old catchphrase for Ting's TV adverts was "Want some'ting to drink?"


Anonymous said...

i love love love ting and when you send someone to the shop to get you some ting it sounds really funny

weirdly enough, i also have a photo that combines nando's and ting :

Anonymous said...

Theres me thinking you were an original Yard man - and you dont even know bout Ting!
what a ting!

Anonymous said...

if your arxing for it at de shop and you waan two, you can go "an ting an ting"


Da Curz said...

man i wont some 'ting'
get ting into oxofrd peace