The world is my Oyster card

Lethal Bizzle is on the cover of Time Out this month. When was the last time he wasn't pictured with sunglasses? When was the last time he was actually seen by someone without them on? I saw him play in a dark, sweaty punk club with Gallows at the Dot To Dot festival earlier this year and kept them on all night. Something's wrong. He's either got conjunctivitis, a gammy eye or he's gone blind. Someone should investigate that further.

Come to this night in Hackney Wick on Friday. It will be amazing. I haven't seen Slew Dem all perform together in years. Kode 9 is at FWD>> that night so think of it as an after party.

I'm DJing at Sankey's in Manchester with Plastician and Hatcha tomorrow. Should be good.

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Anonymous said...

slew dem were swag but the night was alot apart from that.