Elbows on the table, but I will say please

It is late so I have to be quick. Above is that collaboration between Lethal Bizzle and Gallows (which might be on Lethal's album or something) performed live at the Dot To Dot festival on Sunday. Sorry for crappy footage - couldn't be arsed to push to the front. You get the idea though. It's a cover of "Staring at the Rudeboys" by The Ruts. It's a pretty shit song, but Bizzle did a really good set beforehand where he did all the bars to "Pow" and all the kids in the crowd moshed and stuff. Good times. Oh yeah, Kano also performed but showed up 40 mins late and got air I heard. People were booing.

A veritable cornucopia of BBK tees

I played at The Social later that night. Jammer, Chronik (forgot to get a pic - FUCK), C Gritz, Lee Brasco, Jamakabi, Slix, Frisco, Dirty Danger, Skepta, JME, DJ Maximum, DJ Magic and DJ Scholar also played. About a third of the crowd had Boy Better Know tees. There must be a lot of grime fans up there in Notts. Who would've thunk it.

DJ Scholar

This is my fave pic from the weekend. I've put one or two more pics up on my photo blog. I saw Scholar outside later on trying to get some girls to come and "hang out" in the hotel Ruff Sqwad were staying at. Not sure how lucky he was. There were quite a few groupies about. They were invading the stage when BBK were on. I saw one girl out by the toilets giving Jamakabi her number in exchange for him letting her get on stage to dance. I saw her later on barging some little teenage boys out of the way to get one of the posters JME was giving out. The lengths some people will go to, eh?

I'm DJing this Thursday at Corsica Studios with Diplo, Radioclit etc. See the flyer over in the sidebar. Then, next Monday I'm playing with Kid Sister and DJ A-Trak at a People Are Germs night at the Old Blue Last. Should be amazing. I recommend you come.


DO IT! on Saturday was great - the best we've done since the first one. Ice Kid, Maveric and Chipmunk (all Eskibeat youngers) came and performed in our room. Loads of other randoms were there too - Statik, Tempa T, Lee Brasco, Slix. I guess it was because Oxide and Neutrino were playing in room 1. Statik was randomly trying to chat up a butch Brigitte Nielsen lookalike for me (I didn't ask him to) but he kept groping her bum and she got pissed off and ran away. Weird moment. If anyone has any pics of the night, can you send me them please? I didn't get any pics. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I saw the lads in the bbk tees later on in the train station. It was a pretty live set, i managed to get by the side of the stage and get a picture with JME and Slix later on in the evening.
The reason kano got so much air was because he played one song and left.

Anonymous said...

More pics from the whole night over at...

Slicendale said...

I (in the pink bbk) made it onto, great success!

I cannae remember the photo being taken, I look fucked and everyone else looks sober!

Awesome night.



Big up Prancer.

Frisco killed it and was also berrrrrrr sound.

I'll shut up.

Slicendale said...


"About a third of the crowd had Boy Better Know tees. There must be a lot of grime fans up there in Notts. Who would've thunk it."

We were representing Coventry, CV2!

I believe Leicester were reppin' too!

Prancehall, you need to come play in Chaventry! Grime's second City!

Note to self: don't go way over the top on the £2.50 warm cans of Carling and the £3.50 warm bottles of Bulmers, then you won't look like a complete jabend in all the photo's taken and also won't think that the "New Young Pony Club" are "well banging".


Anonymous said...