Long live the Queenie

My pal Queenie has an exhibition this week of photos taken on Kingsland Road. If you like photos, you should go.

Rupert and Terrence from The Horrors hangin' with the Jay-Zizzle

This blows my mind.

I'm DJing in Brighton on Friday. Roll Deep are there too, as you will probably know if you read the info on the above flyer.

Who remembers that time I discovered Mr Wong's shop? Well, it turns out Ross Kemp also paid it a visit recently while making a shitty documentary about gun crime. Turns out the shop is selling replica guns. Uh oh. I knew something dodgy was going on. Forward to 02:30 to see the footage.


Anonymous said...

Wong sell leng?!


Anonymous said...

You can tell Hova's thinking:

"Who're these hipster nobheads? I'll leng your mum down rudeboy, and what?!"

ben rayner said...

you discovered it did you?


alright ben, it was you but please don't tell anyone cos i wanna take all the credit.

skengle said...

"guns and conspiracy theories go together like smith and wesson" HAHAHA!!!! wastekemp