I'm still tired after my little trip to Brighton last night so can't be arsed to write too much. All the faces were there - Scratchy, Flow Dan, Riko, Manga, even Killa P. I didn't get any pictures. If you did, email them to me innit. I heard one of RD's groupies or fanboys hanging out backstage stole Simon from Klaxons' jacket and jumper while he was DJing. Deep. I played some records for an hour or so before Klaxons. "A Bay Bay" by Hurricane Chris got a big reaction, as did "Whine Up" by Kat Deluna feat. Elephant Man, which will probably be the tune of the summer. It's catchy, if a little cheesy, but whatever, sometimes cheesy can be OK, if you know what I'm saying. It reminds me of that Sean Paul & Rhianna song from last year, on the Higher Altitude riddim. You'll probably be hearing it everywhere in about two or three months.


BBC Radio 4's The Today Programme played a snippet of "Gangsterz" by Wiley yesterday morning as part of a piece on black youth being excluded from school and getting into gangs, so I hear. Big look for "the scene" as they say.


Anonymous said...

u smashed it on fri mate..big set


Anonymous said...

wtf is that little midget troll thing at the beginning?
Is it little qt?