Portion of chips on my shoulder

I went and did an interview with Trim the other day in the Isle of Dogs. Good vibes. He played me most of Soulfood Vol. 2, which is sounding about three and a half times better than the first mixtape, which is a good mixtape because it's Trim and I like Trim, but isn't actually as good as I first thought, but I thought very highly of it at first, which means it is still good, but not as good as Volume 2, which is really, really great. If you know what I mean. Anyway, yeah, here is a little video of Trim and friends. The little kid is Crunch, who is 15. We had to wait for him to come out of school so he could get on the freestyle vid. Trim says he's better than Tinchy was when he was young. I think he's alright - pretty hard to tell when he's going back to back with someone as good as Trim.

Oh yeah, I went to Mr Wong's mum's shop in Peckham today. It's kind of a newsagent, but they also sell dodgy video players, LOADS of porn videos and DVDs, loads of really old CD singles, and also digital scales and bundles of little plastic bags. Weird. Picture in the next few days when my friend gets it developed.

This is a very touching tribute to the Virginia Tech victims. If his repetition of the inspirational line "Just keep your head up" doesn't have you breaking down in tears like an obese, wheelchair-ridden teenage girl after a seventeen packet Jaffa Cake binge, then you're a very cold and twisted individual. And damn that keyboard solo really got me at the end.


I don't have any more Faction G mixtapes to give out. I only had like two spare copies, so you guys can stop emailing now. Thanks. I'll see if I've got any other free stuff I can give out, but not right now.

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