I appeal to kids who ride bikes / Choose to download, but quick to buy knives

This is my night I'm doing next week at Scala. The people in the picture are actually on the beach. I just realised that. Look closely and you can see the sand and the sea in the background. Anyway, Logan will be doing a grime classics set, so expect to hear stuff like "Tingz in Boots" and all that kind of shit. I also want some XTC stuff - I need to remember to ask him to play some. Jammer is going to be performing loads of new songs. I want to get Statik to play Heartless Crew and stuff like that. If you want to get on the cheap list (free before 10.30, a fiver after) then email me and I'll put you on.

Here is a picture of Mr Wong's mum's shop, as promised.

This is some of the random shit they were selling at the back of the shop. Those dodgy video players you see there are helping fund Mr Wong's array of horrendous Channel U videos. I couldn't get pics of the porn video collection because his mum was looking at me suspiciously and it would have looked weird to start snapping away.

Dizzee Rascal is on the cover of this month's OMM. Read interview here. What's that whole sexual fetishism and Dizzee being presented as "sexual prey" in the "Sirens" video thing all about? I didn't see that at all - it's just a rich hunting the poor thing, right? Although, I guess you leave yourself open to those kind of conclusions when you unnecessarily whip out your man boobs in a music video.


My friend just called me and told me he was speaking to Skepta at the airport on the way to Israel today. He spotted him in his weird bowler hat thing that he wears when they were both in the strip search, rubber glove security area. Skepta was on his way out to perform. Can't really imagine grime being too big out there. Will try and get some pictures.


Anonymous said...

is it true that FRISCO felt so guilty about skepta gettin locked up in napa over a ting he started, that he agreed to get gang banged like annabelle chong by the greek po po in order to free skepta. i was listening to his shit mixtape and couldnt work out what happened.......if its true maybe 'THE MOVEMENT' being the bunch of batty hole stabbers that they are could use this technique to free MERCSTON

Anonymous said...

yea its true frisco took one for the team to free skepta, maybe gheto should send wretch down to HMP with a tub of vasaleine.
get me

Anonymous said...

"his third is the most complete, intense and thrilling British HIP HOP record ever made. Bar none."

...won't be buying this then

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the thought of Skepta going through El Al security El Al are insane.

Anonymous said...

oi is dis 4 real?
skepta in israel? wens the next performance here? if i knew i woulda come...bbk runin the scene