Hello. DO IT! on Saturday was a good little night. Good stuff, as they say. Badness called me during the day to ask if he could come down and perform, and went on with Jammer and C Gritz. I'm a big fan of Badness - I'll definitely be getting him to do a lot more shows. I got some video footage, which I will put up soon. Statik showed up when about four people were left and brought Pete Doherty with him to help him DJ. Weird. Logan's grime classics set went down well - was so good to hear all those songs again. This is what Logan had to say: "Played out tonight at Scala playing strictly old grime. Was good fun and half the crowd seemed to know the tunes. Mixer was a bit fucked so I couldn't hear the right deck too tuff and the dj before me said he had a nitemare on it too but the system was nice and loud and those old tunes sounded big on that system."

More little reviews here.

This is Ruff Sqwad's "Xtra" video. It's been finished for a while, so I don't know why they haven't publicised it in any way yet.


My new music column (which I scanned in and put up here before) is now up on the Vice site.


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