Parental advisory without explicit lyrics

Hi there. Has anyone got any pics from my night on Saturday? The one above is all I've seen so far. Please email them to me if you have any. Thanks. There's a slight theme to the rest of today's post. The theme is events, specifically events I am playing at. Let's go.

This is a house party thing with loads and loads of dubstep DJs on Sunday May 20. For info of where it is and stuff, go here. It looks like fun. They're having a barbeque too. I'm playing back to back with Joker - that great new grime producer from Bristol. Click below to listen to Flow Dan, JME and Skepta freestyling on "Gully Brook Lane" which I'm hoping will come out on Terrorhythm sooner rather than later. Not sure I can wait any longer.

Joker is at FWD>> this Friday for JME's new single launch. I think I'm actually gonna go for the first time in about seven months.

This looks like it should be fun. New VICE Records signing Black Lips are also playing. I went to watch them at Cargo on Tuesday night and for some strange reason Skepta was there too. I'll put up a picture of him and the band in the next few days. Anyway, I'll be doing a mainly ghetto tech set at this night, but will play other stuff too. I'm currently sorting out a night in the UK with the king of ghetto tech DJ Assault. So excited about that. I'm also doing another event at the same venue in June with Oxide and Neutrino and Slimzee and loads of other people. I'm gonna bring back O & N.


Check out Lethal Bizzle's new single over there in the Prancehall Lite section at the top of the sidebar. As I said before, I add good new stuff I find there every day so keep checking and, hey, you might even find something you like. You never know. Stranger things have happened. While I'm here I might as well comment on the song. Let's go. Erm... not so keen on content, is he? I wonder how long he can go on making exactly the same song.


Espen said...

I don't normally write like this with caps lock and all, but WHAT THE HELL, THE LETHAL B SONG IS FUCKING HORRIBLE HOW CAN HE DO STUFF LIKE THAT AND STILL BE SIGNED. And I liked Against All Oddz.

Anonymous said...

lethal B is a FUCKIN DERKHEAD, wasteman, Poomplex i hope he gets hit by a truck so no one has to listen to his bullshit.

Portia said...

RRrespecC for postin that joker tune. this is my new JAMM, gonna hafta fix my flat tire so i can drive around playin it LOUD. JME killed it. fwd was live too.