Berr quick

FWD>> on Friday was really good. So good that I was annoyed with myself for not going in ages, but I'm not really that into dubstep anymore and they don't put on too much grime and when I used to go pretty much every week when they played more grime I got a bit bored so maybe I'm not such a bad person. Anyway, Joker's set last night was doing a lot, saying a lot, praying a lot, being a lot, seeing a lot, etc. (I'm not using the phrase "a lot" any more because I think it's over used. I've just killed it off right there). God's Gift showed up, as you can so clearly see in my really clear video above. (Don't worry, if you close your eyes and dream, maybe you can picture it all). Jammer and Frisco and loads more showed up too I think but I was too drunk and went home before all that for some strange reason.

I'm just back from Dirty Canvas. DJ Magic called me today to fill in and do a set because DJ Cameo was too busy reading to show up. Logan got on the mic and had a five minute rant about Cameo being a gaylord or something and said stuff about him going on 1Xtra and reloading a new Lethal B tune six times and claiming it was a "worldwide exclusive" before going on to play loads of shitty bassline house and telling everyone he has nothing to do with grime. That was the most entertaining bit of the night. Magic recorded it all, so I'm gonna get the mp3 and put it up here. Oh yeah, another funny thing from Logan (he was on form tonight): pretty much the second Marcus Nasty walked into the club and towards the DJ booth, Logan dropped a brand new song by Wiley (who has just made a dub for Marcus). It looked like Marcus was going over to ask him to turn it off. I found it funny anyway. Scorcher and Wretch turned up too. I really love how enthusiastic and happy they seem when they are MCing - like they are having the most fun in the world. That's nice to see. I don't think anyone else is like that.


Anonymous said...

it was such a good surprise when suddenly everyone heard IM A GANGSTA FOR LIFE I'LL SEX YOUR WIFE etc from gods gift then everyone went crazy and then the mcs had to stop for a bit because they'd been told that it was 'too hype' or something which was fucking shit and meant there was like 5 minutes of gods gift. the other highlight of the night was skepta's match of the day theme tune remix.

ps LOL MATE i just read the plan b 'grime is dead' interview in your sidebar. god i didn't think i could hate him anymore but apparently i was wrong. what a wasteman, fuck off and record an album with nas, you fat shit.

melly mel said...

HAHA u were really drunk