Hallow Man

Ears, Flamin and Faction G were on Logan Sama's show this Monday just gone. I really am a massive fan of Ears. Like, the number one Ears fan (NO HOMO). He definitely fell off for a bit, gave up it seemed, but it looks like he's busy again. He can sound good on any beat, which pretty much no one else can do. Some notes on the rest of Wogan's show: Love that new Scorcher. Also loving the "Way Down The Road" remix. Why the fuck doesn't Esco do more tracks? Top three in grime when he's on form. Badness is the best new MC of the year. The new Doctor tune is INSANE.

Btw, I've got one or two spare copies of Faction G's latest mixtape here from a bundle he gave me before Christmas. If anyone wants one email me and I'll send it to you in a padded envelope in the post.

I've listened to about 40 Jammer instrumentals tonight - old and new. Good times. He needs to put out more instrumental 12"s. Did I mention I'm playing quite a few shows with Jam over the summer? Check here for the confirmed dates (still got loads more in the pipeline). Bye.


keith chegwin said...

Grime in Scotland? It'll never happen.

Pearcey Ingle said...

earz looks like he's really enjoying himself in that photo. maybe its the buff beanie infront.

he's is NASA thou, deserves to blow. got proper talent.

Anonymous said...

is it true that FRISCO felt so guilty about skepta gettin locked up in napa over a ting he started, that he agreed to get gang banged like annabelle chong by the greek po po in order to free skepta. i was listening to his shit mixtape and couldnt work out what happened.......if its true maybe 'THE MOVEMENT' being the bunch of batty hole stabbers that they are could use this technique to free MERCSTON

Bucklord! said...

Top Photo: ^Whitey, shave dem pits! Babylon, Babylon!