Quick. So quick. Too quick, maybe.

I've added some old pics taken by myself and friends to my photo blog, you may have noticed. I found them on my old computer. I've probably used most of them on here at some point in the past, but go and have a look anyway, maybe.

You also may have noticed a little section in the sidebar over there entitled "Prancehall Lite". That's a new place where I will be adding links daily. These will be links to videos and mp3s and interesting stories and stuff. These links will not warrant a whole post, but will still be worth checking out, which means you get to see something that is potentially new to you, without having to read my smarmy little comments about it.

If that wasn't enough excitement for one post, I've also added some randomly selected interviews to the sidebar, such as an interview I did with Skream in 2005 when he was still a kid and so was I.

A quote from Skepta on the mic at FWD on Friday: "This one is ugly. Butters. Disgusting. Like a nipple. Make it beautiful, Benga. Not like Kate Moss, though - she is ugly. I take her round the back and steal her bag."

Here is a picture of Plan B. It has no relevance to anything posted here, but I just felt like putting it up. I've got a whole collection taken from this shoot. All classics.


DJ Unk, T-Pain, Jim Jones & E-40 - "2 Step Remix"


Oh yeah, I've also made a Widget for this site, so you can easily add my blog feed to your website or MySpace (see how it looks on mine here). Click here to see how to do it.


Anonymous said...

skeptas funny. maybe more funny than you.


maybe not