This is why I'm cold

There is a recent(ish) interview with Young Jeezy over at Blender. It's pretty short, so I shall post it all here for everybody to read. (They're referring to the Christina Aguilera–as-coke metaphor track “White Girl”, btw).

Blender: You guys could’ve named any white girl on the single, why Christina Aguilera?
Jeezy: We’re in the hood, everybody want to holler at Christina.
Blood Raw: Everybody.
Jeezy: She’s fine as a motherfucker.

Why not Paris Hilton?

Jeezy: I can’t fuck with Paris, she be higher than me. She do shit I don’t do.

Lindsay Lohan?

Jeezy: I don’t even know who the fuck that is.

You use a lot of different metaphors to describe certain things...
Jeezy: Describe what? Be clear, baby.

Basically, are you worried about running out of white things to compare drugs to?
Jeezy: No man, I don’t think we’ll run out of anything. You don’t ever run out of being yourself. Yeah!

Your album is called Cold Summer, how cold are we talking about here?
Jeezy: As cold as it gets—you gonna need blankets and shit.
Blood Raw: Cold like the Ice Age. As soon as you walk outside your body’s gonna be caged in a block of ice.

But then how will people buy the album?
Slick Pulla: They gonna put you on a freight and slide you into the store to get your CD. Then as soon as you walk out you freeze up again and they take you home and you put the album in the CD player.

This right here is Mims performing "This Is Why I'm Hot" with some special guests on BET's Spring Bling.

I was speaking to Logan the other day about the Tinchy album - specifically the track featuring Goldielocks, called "Stereotype". I was making out like it was the worst thing ever on here (slight overreaction) and he said he loved it and I should listen to it again, and you know what, it's actually OK. I like the production. The video above shows the making of the song, so decide for yourselves. I would like to categorically state right now that I do not like the fact that Kate Nash is working with Kano, though. Kano was on Logan's show on Monday. He was sounding pretty good. Listen back here.


Twista and R Kelly - "This Is Why I'm Cold"

"This is why I'm Kells." Wow.


As I type this, JME and Skepta are at FWD. My friend just texted and told me. I was going to go tonight for the first time in about six months. Oh well. I hear you actually have to queue outside to get in these days.

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Anonymous said...

rah. that tinchy stryder & goldie lock song is much better than i expected it to be.