What's it gonna be like, what's it gonna be like for your kids goin' out and playin' at night?


OK so asylum seekers take our jobs, our dentists and, er, our kids' virginities? Surely everyone knows that all paedophiles are white. Has anyone ever seen a non-white paedophile?

PS. The anti-war message at the end is utterly brilliant. Bring back the boys, bring back the boys, wucka-wucka-br-br-bring back the boys!


Anonymous said...

every one knows that being a northerner makes you an expert on immigration

mr wong said...

how dare you mc grimzie. mr wong take u on in clash. mr wong break my nando's bottle on your head.

Cunt said...

Awesome vid.
By the way, if anyone wants to read my exclusive interview with prancehall, its now up at:

It's the lick

Anonymous said...

Is cunt the grime kid alter ego of the private school boy that is prancehall?

Anonymous said...

can't believe he manage to stick 'raping your kids' in to his bars, i can't imagine that popping off in london clubs
paedo riddim

Clay "Sheeeeeeeeeeeit" Davis said...

"every one knows that being a northerner makes you an expert on immigration"

"Paki" is the first and usually the only word Northern children are taught to spell

Trainee said...

The NHS have got a lot to answer for... get this man a dentist! He's been waiting 2 years!! It's the immigrants' fault!!!