Blog of the week: Prancecock

Yep, I've finally made it, I've got my very own hate blog, Prancecock. It's brilliant in parts. It combines all the in-jokes from the comments on here into some quite funny gags that no one apart from me and about three other people will get. Below is an excerpt in which the author lists some reasons why he hates me.

10. He is communist

9. He is rude to people who don't share his views, and the disabled

8. He publicly dissed Benji B

7. He gives nothing back to the community (leafy suburbs) which got him where he is today

6. I still love him

5. I don't know what he looks like

4. He rarely acknowledges the comments section in his blog, he ignores funny stuff people write there

3. I am bored

2. Fuck off Prancehall, you cunt

1. He thinks he is cool because he writes for Vice but he is whack because he is an egregious douchebag, yeah I said it

I've decided the person behind this is either a bored, bi-polar teenager or Will Self (no one else in the world uses the word "egregious").

Unfortunately, just like my blog, it started amazingly well, then somehow managed to get even better before becoming something that is totally pointless and severely lacking in ideas that has only been kept going for the sake of it. Still, I've been thinking for a while that I need an intern – someone to go to the shops and get me cartons of Ribena while I watch YouTube – so I'm thinking of offering this guy a job. Maybe he could do some grime journalism on here – spend a day on the buses with Mr Wong or something.


Anonymous said...

fair play to you Prancey for admitting that Pracecock is actually funny.
I must be one of the 3 who get it and I must say it's fucking brilliant.

Keep it up the pair of you, maybe one day you'll become friends.

Anonymous said...


I must be the second of three.

Snitchin' Bubs said...

How very postmodern