Knife Crime Nuggets #5: Burning knife crime literature

Illustration by Johnny Ryan

Britain's biggest exam board, AQA, has removed a Carol Ann Duffy poem from its syllabus because of its (pretty innocuous) allusions to knife crime. The exam board has also instructed schools to "destroy" copies of the anthology containing the poem, entitled Education for Leisure. Yes, that's right, we are now being told to burn books that reference knife crime. Where am I? Nazi Germany?

For the full story go to the Vice blog. Also on the blog this week: Finding criminals using their text message grammar and Amanda Blank's pre-apocalyptic rap video.


Anonymous said...

I've never read a poem in my life and I've shanked bare mans. It's political correctness gone mad.

Anonymous said...

Carol Anne Duffy is a dirty carpet muncher, all her books should be destroyed. A poem called 'Oppenheimers cup and saucer' dirty lesbian. kids shouldn't be subjected to such filth.