Bleep 'n' bongos

Compare bleep classic "Track With No Name" by The Forgemasters (above) to the track which comes in around 15:00 in the mix below.

Download: Marcus Nasty and Mak 10 on Rinse FM

I've noted before in my column for the Fader site that some funky sounds like bleep. "Monopoly Refix" by D Malice (second song in this clip) sounds like a tribal, more carnival-friendly version of the kind of stuff Warp were putting out in the early nineties.

I guess bleep was US house disfigured by (among other things) hip-hop and reggae, and funky is US house disfigured by (among other things) grime, broken beat and dancehall. So it's not that surprising that funky producers are coming up with similar results that Unique 3 et al did 20 years ago.


Birdseed said...

I think at some point I've made a comparison in my head from bleeps & bass to the other electronic Sheffield genre, niche, which you somehow feel they must have influenced in terms of ethos and aesthetic attitude. But with this new, sonically apter comparison, perhaps we have to wonder just how much ahead of their time those Yorkshiremen really were?

YoMammasFassyOle said...

Hey prancecock, perhaps you should start focusing on good music like Benji B from 1xtra does instead of the electro-indie-grime-step-shit that you love so much (and no1 else does)


are you mentally retarded? seriously, is there something wrong with you?


"Benji B presents Deviation. The best in jazz, funk, hip hop, house, broken beats and more, all with a soulful twist in and out of the mix."

sounds "authentic".

Anonymous said...

Benji B from 1xtra!!!

Anonymous said...

Benji B is awesome yo, don't hate just because you lack a soulful twist

Anonymous said...




benji b is deeper than we can ever comprehend

boke said...

LOLLLLL this had made my day

why are these people still comnmenting here

i think he must have been struck by in the middle of the night with that wonderful 'prancecock' gag and just picked any post at random to deploy his new found genius

YoMammasFassyOle said...

At least benjiB has the balls to show his face on his website (

I bet prancehall doesnt even have a face, cunt.

Also, shut the fuck up Boke- You batty prick.

Why do people laugh at Benji B, he's boss

Anonymous said...

how exactly do you soulfully 'twist in and out of the mix'?!?

does benji salsa around the studio whilst playing with the crossfader?

this has to be a joke.

toxik said...

i dont think i'll ever be into categorizing and comparing sounds like you - one reason more to read your blogs, i guess i had at least two songs you posted in my column over at raveline magazine (germany)

john locke said...

'Why do people laugh at Benji B, he's boss'

this almost made me shed a tear until i remembered the desperate prancecock gag and the 'electro-indie-grime-step-shit'. too funny!! what a moron.