A day with Trim

Photos by Alex Sturrock. Words by me.


Mellymel said...

That is fucking sickness from both of you. now I want my Kelloggs reflectors from day.

Anonymous said...

incredible read. especially they bit about the bike reflector shaped like a rooster. soulfood 3 is sick, but i can see what you mean - i'd be surprised if in 5 years time he hasn't given up and gotten a day job. shame.

Me said...

I remember them reflectors.

I also remember Trim had broken toe months ago for exactly the same reason in an interview with Blackdown.

Trim makes/made good music (preferred his music when he was in Roll Deep) but I think he has a too big mouth like the annoying kid at school trying to get attention and being a general nuisance and trouble maker, probably a good thing for Roll Deep that he's left.

He has so much potential though and is unique

ed wrey said...

funny, insightful and also quite moving. pls do more stuff like this.

jiz said...

if skeptas the king of grime i must be god. haha trim is too much he could blow if he cleaned up his lyrics but then he would be shit and loose all the fans he has now