All over your boink

According to music bible the Daily Star, Nastasha and Daniel Beddingfield want to resurrect Craig David's career. "I love Craig, but I really liked his music when he was doing the UK garage thing back in the day.

"I was feeling sad thinking that the sound had gone for good, but I've been hearing it back on the radio again with the bassline scene and I think he should use it again."

"I'd definitely get Dan on board, he's pretty good at that dance thing."

Jesus H. Christ, imagine the Beddingfields and Craig David doing a bassline tune. Instant nail in the coffin if that happens. It could be a girl vs. boy tune. Daniel could do the girl bits.

It's not too unlikely either. I hear T2 and Craig are working together at the moment. Big look 4 dA sCeNe.

When I look at this, I can't help but picture the Lil Wayne and Birdman incident. And who can blame me?


Anonymous said...

Why must Craig David kill off every music genre he decides "is" his thing....


Anonymous said...

i was flicking through telly channels earlier today and came across a music show called 'switch' (i think) on bbc2. they interviewed natasha bedingfield. they asked her what she thought of 'bassline house' in the charts, she looked all gormless and said she had never heard of it. annoying interviewer explained what it was and bedingfield sealed the deal with a 'wicked'. dollar signs may or may not have appeared in her eyes, i was too scared to look. thank god this turning point in human history has been documented by the BBC, and to a lesser extent, prancehall.

Tego said...

This is the part where we all pretend that Funky House and Bassline aren't completely fruity one summer fads that gay people disowned half a decade ago.


It's as if So Solid never happened.

genius crew said...

Craig & the Bedingfields is not a good look!

However I think Craig & T2 could make some interesting sounds.

People forget just how important Craig was to the "scene" back in the day!

Bassline is a product of UKG! As is Craig, so putting the two together doesn't seem that crazy to me!