"Shout out to Burger King"

I'm pretty over the really bad, cringeworthy jokes about Big Brother so I didn't want to mention it this year. But my friend sent me this clip of Harry Hill's TV Burp and pointed me to 03:50, where Calista is in the studio performing. Have a look. "I love to play my bongos in the morrrrnnning" – that has to be the biggest vocal hook ever. If this gets released it's gonna be like DJ NG's "Tell Me" multiplied by "Pow" to the power of T2. Look out for the Styleslut feature on it in Pimp Magazine in 2010.

Try to ignore Big Narstie's freestyle here but listen out for the constant jibes from Westwood ("Shout out to Burger King" etc.) and look at everyone else's reaction around him. It's basically like the fat kid at school getting picked on. Quite sad really.


brushman said...

lollllllll.. narstie got brushed

Tom said...

i cant stop laughing at the big narstie thing.

stop_begging said...

stop dissing styleslut, at least he's black - you're a white toff begging it because your trust-fund friends think it's ironic. dickhead.


"at least he's black"


styleslut is 2 / 3 people who think it's acceptable to use terms like "jungle bunny".

if you think that's okay, then you've got problems.

i'm afraid all white people aren't rich kids with trust funds. i wish that was the case - i honestly do - but it's not.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt vice use numerous racial slurs?

I saw an article once where they said slavery was a GOOD thing.

Get of your high horse prancehall.


yeah, vice has written a lot of non-PC stuff in the past. loads of it. some really, really offensive stuff. what's embarrassing about styleslut is it's a really over the top, painfully unfunny attempt to imitate what vice was doing over a decade ago.

this is the last time I will ever mention their blog. they don't deserve the attention.

Yoni said...

oh man! westwood was gunning him!!!!


Anonymous said...




Skeng Daddio said...

boy you got problems when a ageing white vicar's son who sounds like Frank Spencer can get away with cussing you

Its like in school when the puny geek tries to earn points with the cooler kids by making them laugh at somebody else.

Narsty is sho though still, its only because he's been around so long and had his show so long that anyone actually tolerates Westwood and ignores the Elephant-In-The-Room: the fact that he is a complete tool

Anonymous said...

stop_begging i used to like you. now i am never reading your blog again. EVER!!! how dare you bring race in to this argument. there's no misappropriation or claiming of cultures going on, attacking prancehall for being white is WEAK WEAK WEAK. 'at least he's black' is the most irrelevant thing i have ever heard!!! at least he's black meaning at least he's black and is therefore qualified to write whatever he wants about grime and so forth? YOU CUNT

Anonymous said...

''styleslut is 2 / 3 people who think it's acceptable to use terms like "jungle bunny". ''

Prancehall taking the moral high ground, eh?

Don’t you play records that constantly use the word ‘Nigga’ and talk about killing gay people?

You don’t seem to have a problem with that.


Love Music, Hate Racism

Anonymous said...

Don’t you play records that constantly use the word ‘Nigga’ and talk about killing gay people?

You don’t seem to have a problem with that.'

did you even hear his mixtape? grime doesn't even have a strong affinity with the N word. why are you reading this blog? GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

''Love Music, Hate Racism''

So basically promoting racism and hate is OK as long you don't believe it in personally? What a cop out.

'I joined the BNP and a Neo Nazi group last week, but I just go there to socialise! I still love Jews and I even let a black person mow my lawn!''

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but someone who writes forVice is in no position to be moralistic or knock anyone else for being'Non-PC'.

I've never heard his mixtape, but prancehall does play alot of US hip-hop which says 'nigga' when he dj's.


styleslut, get over it. you are flogging a dead horse.

owning a rap album does not make you racist. using racist language on your blog does. don't say it's okay for you to use overt racism because you heard the n word in some rap songs.

i'm not justifying anything vice has done. that is not my job, and if you are so offended by what they write why are you so desperate to write for them?

Donald Crunk - Styleslut said...

Sorry to disappoint you Tarquin, but those comments were not from us. When we have something to say, you'll know about it.

We have no problem with Vice magazine and I can’t remember the last time I was offended by ANYTHING, but it definitely wasn’t while reading Vice.

I don’t condone racism, as I once had a banana thrown at me on a beach in Spain and it was not a pleasant experience. Anyways,who are you to tell me what is and isn't racist? I doubt you experience it much.

I allow my writers to express themselves to the fullest, whether that be by using the word ‘jungle bunny’ in a piece of fiction or by revealing the stereotypes and prejudices that exist in everyday culture. Rappers saying the word Nigga does not concern me.

Anyways,thanks for the (4th?) mention. Have a nice day.


They weren't by you but you just happened to be keeping a keen eye on the comments section of a post i did 2 weeks ago? What a strange coincidence.

"I don’t condone racism... I allow my writers to express themselves to the fullest... by using the word ‘jungle bunny’..."

Cool. That definitely makes sense.

I have nothing left to say on this matter.


joe_d said... heres a comment not about a racism/big narstie etc...that tune wi the chick from big brother on it, i just heard it on a funky mix by marcus nasty, so u were rite about that..just in case u hadnt heard any other funky dj play it.

Anonymous said...

i just love the 'i bet you dont experience [racism] much' comment when the point that's being stressed is that a white man can't enjoy or promote a predominantly black genre of music or culture- in doing that the comment undermines itself by contradicting its own argument. On the one hand you say Prancehall doesn't experience discrimination, and on the other you're flagrantly discriminating. What a pathetic attempt to subvert a quality blogwriter and DJ.