Back to 2000

I was listening to some random pirate station last night and the guy played Wookie's "Gallium" followed by Coki & Benga's "Night" really pitched down and then Apple's "Mr Bean". Pretty great 10 minutes of radio right there. The DJ then ruined it by playing loads of boring male vocal funky house layered with really bad drops and sound effects. I then switched across to Rinse FM and Hatcha was playing "Night" and about 10 minutes later it was on Mary Anne Hobbs's show in a Skream set she was repeating. I've heard that it has been signed to a major and they are getting a vocal - probably by Baby Katie, the girl on NG's "Tell Me". I wonder how the dubstep fans will react to that? Apparently "Gallium" might be coming out on a major too, with a female vocal on top. There's a pretty amazing Badness vocal that I heard today but Scratcha is the only person who has it.

I also heard this great new dancehall rhythm last night. "Planet Rock"-style electro beat with an auto tuned Vybz Kartel vocal. Anyone know the name? I know everyone hates those faster dancehall rhythms like Shooter but I can't get enough of them.

What happened to ghostriding the whip? I guess people's cars all got away on them.


eskemo said...

Ithink that riddim is chromium(no not the same as chrome, surely theycan think of more original names for riddims)by deseca......but i cant be sure.

oneza said...

Could be the Atmosphere Riddim new Don Corleone!!!! Vybz is called Wine!!

safe Oneza

Anonymous said...

you might find me onna oxford street, ghostriding the routemaster bus

but not anymore, DESOLE