Life goes on

Jammer came by my office today to drop off a copy of his new album. It's got old and new stuff on there, which is good to see - it means you get all the classics. I asked him about the Hot Chip incident last weekend and he said he didn't know anything about it and was really pissed off that someone would threaten someone else at his party. He was even trying to get the guy's number to call and apologise.

As well as his new album, Jammer also left behind his hoody, which he wants me to give away on here. He's had it since he was 18 but said he didn't want to wear it home because it was too hot, and asked me to do a competition for it. To win it, all you need to do is write a poem (or maybe just some bars) about why you love Jammer and email it to me or write it in the comments section. The best one wins the hoody.

Jammer will be playing Tales of the Jackalope this Saturday. I'm doing a set with him, Trim and Facion G. Dizzee Rascal is playing the main stage too. I've got some cheap tickets (tenner each) to give out if anyone wants them. Just email me your address and I will send them out.

I've got a pile of crap CDs that I have no time to listen to, so I will be giving a few away every few weeks on here. Today I am giving away Nasty Jack's mixtape, a Channel U compilation and a mixtape by Sincere. Just email me which one you want. First come, first serve. Btw, Nasty Jack's mixtape came with a long, drawn out press release with questionable "facts" like he has an IQ of around 150 or something. Weird. The press release gets thrown in with the CD if I can find it.

I was in Nottingham on Saturday. It was different. After I'd finished DJing at The Social, I was gonna go to Detonate to see Oris Jay (hoping to bring back memories of when FWD>> was good) but when I showed up the night was shut down. Three people got stabbed inside or something. The next day I went to an urban music record shop in town and bought Mr Virgo's "Big Bass EP". The guy in the shop had no change so had to give me an old Sidewinder DVD instead. It's that one where Skepta clashed Flirta D in Swindon. Pretty good stuff, but I think I'll just stick to buying the majority of my records off Juno in the future.

As I type, the Kano album is sat on the desk in front of me but I can't bring myself to listen to it.


One last thing: I really, really like the new Trae mixtape The Streets of the South. You can download it here and decide for yourself.


Anonymous said...

'Jah-Mek-Tha-World' by Bathman

Beware Jah-Mek-Tha-World, my sons!
Growled Uncle Jammer through sips of rum.
”But why?” some asked intrigued, undone.
He glanced towards them slurring “Are You Dumb?"

He held the leng high in his hand:
And rasped a bitter twisted strand
Of casualties he vowed to bleed
By strangling man with the microphone lead

Non Stop Working read the banner bold
A motto of value a motto of old
All was ready, in full swing
In Neckle Camp – Straight Necklin’

The columns of light flooded center stage
And crowds around all mosh enraged.
The war cries echoed and all was destroyed
”Top Producer… Rude Boy!”

Slicendale said...

"jammer, jamble, dread, the murkle,
it's non stop work, unless he's got purple."

Anonymous said...

Jam-mer got grand designs
he won't get left behind
he can smoke but he wont get fined
and if he did he wouldnt mind, OH!

He's a bit like Kevin Mcloud
when he shouts its fuckin loud
louder than Kevin Mcloud
when he shouts he's standin proud

Burkle durkle, durk-de-Murkle
when its Jammer he goes full circle
cos this is an original versle
i wont mention the green and purple

send all bigman hoodies to lloydnoise@gmail.com yeh

Anonymous said...

(written script for first picture)
Jammer: Yow blood, im loving this dildo boy, and its a DL one, so people wont even know what were using it for, it matches my top, hahaha merkle!

Anonymous said...

give it to fattiecollins

Anonymous said...

Yes Anonymous, i love your thinking, tho i think shes too old for dem tings still!