Run up on your crew with a pumpy / I'll put you in a wheelchair, trust me / Blow off your leg and nickname you stumpy

My friend emailed me Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat" song along with some YouTube videos last Thursday (02/08/2007) telling me that the song was getting big in the US, and how he was going to put me onto it early so then I could take all the credit and pretend I discovered it, like I usually do. See my response below.

I've gotta say I'm not as into the song as everyone else. The dance is pretty funny, though. I interviewed Soulja Boy a little while back and was going to run the piece in Vice's forthcoming Student Guide, but I've been noticing everyone writing about it so I don't know if I want it to run now. First, I saw Fader post up about the dance, then this week I saw Styleslut had mentioned the song and proclaimed Soulja Boy as their "favourite rapper in the world at the moment" (wtf?). That was the final straw. I mean, I can't have a blog read by some 15 year-olds who discovered nu-rave after reading about it in a broadsheet supplement seeming to have scooped me, so I'm not sure if I'll let the interview run. When you guys get the prestige of being mentioned in the Guardian Guide's 100 per cent credible (who or what is "Spunk Rock"?) rundown of "UK rap" blogs then maybe you can pretend to know about stuff before I do.

I didn't bother to see Dizzee at Tales of the Jackalope on Saturday. The stage manager was a delusional cunt and tried to clear everyone out of backstage before Diz showed up, and had about five security guards surrounding him the whole time. Instead, I went and took a piss in the car park and skulked around looking for some free beer while he was on. I was supposed to warm up for Dizzee, but his management vetoed it owing to a little incident earlier this year, which was totally Diplo's fault. The whole thing was pretty upsetting at the time. I felt like Wiley when Dizzee blamed him for the stabbing thing in Napa. I'm over it now though.

I'm DJing at a lot of stuff this week. See the flyers over there at the bottom of the sidebar for more info. The night above is on Friday at The Old Blue Last with Trim and my amazing DJ friends Faggatronix. Come. I totally forgot to mention before that Faggatronix recorded Starkey's set at the last DO IT! which you can download from their blog. They also have a new mix which I've been playing non stop all week.


All the CDs I was giving away have gone now. I still haven't decided who gets the Jammer hoody. I will do a poll or something before the end of the week.


styleslut said...

I'd say most of our readers are way closer to 16, no?

P.S. Have you heard Soulja's song about copping BAPES? Sublime.


Anonymous said...

can you name the winners of cd's please

Sean said...

We should win the Jammer jumper!!!

we done the grand designs and jammer one...

Lektrogirl said...

Yeah - everyone is giving away their hoodies these days if they like grime music. Apparently in i-D magazine they say that the cardigan is the new hoodie and Scorcher, Wretch and Bashy are all "modelling" in there.

Lektrogirl said...


Anonymous said...

prancehall, i asked you to play 'salt beef' at tales of the jeckelkunt

you hadn't even heard o this modern classic


Jerome said...

maybe you like this remix of soulja boy more


Anonymous said...

Styleslut got sent.