"Do you wanna say hello to my grandma?"

Yeah, sorry I've been quiet - been in Napa, innit. Not really. But Ruff Sqwad were out there a few weeks ago and decided to make their own episode of Ayia Napa Uncovered. There's footage of them in the hotel, in the swimming pool, in KFC, checking out some girls... Just your usual kind of stuff to do while on holiday, I guess.

Talking of Ruff Sqwad, they played at my last DO IT! party on the weekend just gone and killed it. I really am a massive fan of those guys. I told them to arrive an hour before they were supposed to play expecting them to be late but they actually turned up on time. They didn't mind waiting around and didn't hassle me for drinks tokens all night (like some other people I've booked before) and then went on a did an amazing long set, even though I didn't have much money to give them.

I also went to Jammer's mixtape launch the night before (will have pics for Friday) but only stayed a little while. I heard Jam had 60 people on his guest list so it took ages for people to get in. Then later on when the guy from Hot Chip was DJing, about 10 minutes into his set after he had clanged a few mixes, a guy from Neckle Camp came up to him and threatened to punch him in the face unless he got off the decks. He was later seen running out the door with his record bag. Good times.

This is an outtake from a recent Kano shoot my friend Ben Rayner did for Dazed. I much prefer this one to the one they ran. I got Kano's album in the post earlier this week. It's pretty interesting. The Damon Albarn track isn't too bad. If you're yet to see the video with Kerrayyyggg David, have a look here.


I'm DJing at The Social in Nottingham on Friday night. I'll be playing a special niche / bassline house for all my Midlands man dem (maybe). Come along.


Anonymous said...

why do i wanna be in ruff sqwad so bad?

Sean said...

cos u chat bare konk...

Anonymous said...

Yeah. DOIT! was a lot that Saturday. Corsica Studios is a great place but a bit too hot. What happened to room 2 it seemed to just stop in the middle of everything? Nice to see Strydaman making an appearance, ain't seen him turning up to many "Ruff Sqwad" events recently. Also why didn't someone suggest they take to the stage instead of just huddled by the decks? Oh well. Konk etc.

Alex Bok Bok said...

omg is that true about the hotchip guy ? ? L O L !

that room was dead. we played to about 5 people. they dont need am eclectic room 2 at Dirty Canvas, its been totally pointless the last 2 times they tried it