Uh Oh

Some footage from the new Dizzee video shoot.

So, Dizzee has gone and completely ripped off my idea, eh? It's a par.

Btw, I've finally digested the new Dizzee album. It's not good. The Lily Allen track is probably one of the best tracks on there (although it rips off my idea of remaking a Bugsy Malone track - I've got one featuring Slew Dem on my mixtape). That and the one with UGK. The Shy FX track is probably the worst thing he's ever done.

I'm not sure if this is adorable or annoying. The song is an old one by Da Camp, if anyone cares.

New Knuckles mixtape cover.


Fifth favourite song right now: Devin The Dude ft. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000 - "What A Job"


Anonymous said...

dickhead you don't even know what it's a par means - allow beggin' ghetto talk and go back to the countryside you neek

Anonymous said...


ur blog is shit now. i'd give up on all this.. as skepta says 'stop dissapointing ur parents'.. go and try make some money doin something


thanks so much for the comments guys. i was born in north london, which is not in the countryside. i invented "it's a par" actually. jammer stole it off me. as d double e (kind of) says... "it was mweehhh mwehhhh who invented it.... it was mwehhh mwehhh"

Anonymous said...

as JME says your a DEERRKKHHEEAADD!!!

Anonymous said...

hello i'm from the countryside and i think you're hot! do kids still say that now? hot? well anyway old chap that knuckles cover is the shit. i'm surprised no-one bothered to say that. imagine not knowing who invented "it's a par". it's a par.

Jack Lightning said...

prancehall just listened to ur anger mixtape, fukin BIG. smacks it all over the place, wud love it if u cud listen to mine. peace x