double u tee eff

Skepta ft. Flow Dan and Killa P - "U Dun Know"

When I first heard this on 1Xtra, I did a small wee in my pants.

Lethal Bizzle (AKA Jizzy Tissue) on Top Gear.

Dizzee turned up at FWD>> on Friday. I didn't go. I stopped going to FWD>> last year when they put the price up to £7, and when it got really shit and boring. I know the video is awful quality, but that's life I am afraid.

Stuff wot i am liking this weekend:

Collie Buddz - "Come Around"

Wes Fif feat. B.O.B. - "Haterz"


Alex Bok Bok said...
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Alex Bok Bok said...

!!! someone told me this 21 secs remix was shit but i knew they were chattin breeze its HEAVY
his remix of artful dodger rewind is so good as well it would be heavy if this sound became a wider trend. bring the dark garage revival !

yeah... who goes to fwd anymore appart from excitable students. air dat! anyway rascal's got jos stone on his new album so its not really alot anyways

Anonymous said...

you pissed on my kitchen floor!
you wasteman.
all you have is this shitty radio rip - i want a proper Mp3.



the joss stone track never made it onto the album. dizzee didnt like it.

and i didnt actually piss on your floor when i heard it at your house. i don't have the mp3.

steffidge said...

hold tite those with cdq...

and hold tite those using akkas rips wivout even askin...pffft


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