An institution is the lengthened shadow of one person

Massive new Bear Man freestyle. It's big, yeah. It's big.

I've been sent loads of new CDs this week. I have literally no idea what to do with them though. I decided to do a fashion shoot because I wasn't sure what else to do. The shoot has a tool theme. Each picture features some tools. That's why the theme is "tools". The picture above features Tinchy's new album.

Remember Oxide & Neutrino? Those guys who kind of invented grime? That was clever of them, no? They have a new album.

Wretch 32's new mixtape. I haven't listened to any of these CDs, I should point out. I like Wretch though, so we'll assume his CD is good.

This is the new Dubstep Allstars mix. Lots of people who used to like drum and bass but got tired listen to this stuff. Nerds who like electronica also like this kind of thing. I might like it too. I don't know. Maybe I should give it a listen.


Espen said...

Hahaha, lmao, tool theme, I didn't see that coming. Very ingenious.

dubmugga said...

yay for oxide and neutrino...

...they were the shit there for a while

cant wait to hear where they're at now...

Killa Dan (Killz MCz) said...

Loving the Tool shoot Prancehall. Who would have thought the juxtaposition of DIY and homemade CDs could be so beautifully rendered? Haha. Fuck it, its just jokes.

Keep up the great work.