I'm back you know

Hello. Sorry I haven't posted recently. I've been busy sorting out my club night (it's next Saturday at Scala - I'll post the flyer on Monday) and listening to the new Dizzee album. The first single is called "I Can Hear The Sirens". I was just going through some old copies of Vice and have got a few ideas for the video. They're pretty great, so I'm not sure I should share them here in case someone steals them, but I'm sure no one would do that, right? Okay, what I was thinking was the video could maybe have a fox hunting theme - like an inner city version of fox hunting. I'm picturing Dizzee dressed up as a fox, running around Bow with some country gents on horses chasing after him. Seeing those guys riding around through some tower blocks would be pretty funny, I think. Anyway, it's just a thought.

The video for "Come 2 Da Roadside" by Roadside Gs has been banned from Channel U. It's a shame because it was probably the only thing worth tuning in for on that station. It went straight into the chart at number 3, then they pulled it after Operation Trident got involved. Apparently some anonymous artists went to Trident and "decoded" a lot of the slang to them - stuff like what "Star 9" means - so Channel U were then made to take it off the air. It's strange how they still play stuff like Baby Cham's "Ghetto Story" which is all about Cham getting a gun. I guess that's double standards for you though.

Here's the video for Matt Shadetek's "Brooklyn Anthem".

I could listen to Mavado all day. He's done a freestyle for me over a Lewi White beat, but I'm not going to go into that right now.


Download this B.O.B. & DJ Smallz mixtape if you think you might like that sort of thing.


alex sturrock said...

stop talking about roadside gees you wasteman, we all know they are shit and you only mention them because easyjet made some video for them, that wasnt exactly mindblowing either.

Anonymous said...

AIR DAT roadside gs are sik blud

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

just one question, is dizzee's album worth buying????

lektrogirl said...

HAHAHAHHAHA in one word alex just said "brrraaaaaaappppppp" HAHAHAHAHAHA.


grime! said...

i read something the other month about these guys who ride around on horses in some inner-city ghetto in america. and they have this stable in the middle of a really nasty bit of town.

can't for the life of me remember where i read it though, so that's too bad.

anyway, that's like halfway to your dizzee video already.