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Screen shot of Kano in Def Jam Icon.

Kano is in this new Def Jam computer game (as I've mentioned about five times previoulsy for no particular reason), which is apparently kind of a big deal because he's the first guy from the UK to get into the game. I was invited along to an empty club in central London where I was supposed to ask him all about the game and stuff, but the interview only lasted six minutes before I was politely asked to leave.

Anyway, here is the interview:

Me: So are you signed to Def Jam?
Kano: No, it's just the game I'm associated with really. It's completely two different things: the game and the record label. With the game, they got in contact somehow and it came through to me and...

Alright. Do you still see Jammer or anyone else from the old Nasty Crew days?

I see Jammer not too long ago. I see him at a Vice magazine party - that Baby Cham thing. I see D Double E at a birthday party, like one of my aunts' niece's birthday party and D was there DJing and stuff. I see Ghetto about still, obviously.

So are you going to try and make your new album a bit more grimey?
It's gonna be a mixture. It's gonna have your more slower, melodic stuff and it's gonna have your more grimey, bass driven stuff. I've got loads done, so it's in the finishing stages. I've got Vybz Kartel on there on a track, but mainly I've been working with Mikee Jay. He's produced a lot of my favourite tracks off the last album.

Great. What's the most expensive item of clothing in your wardrobe?
A Dolce & Gabbana jacket that cost well over a grand. I wish I didn't buy it now. It felt right at the time, but it don't no more. I wore it once at the MOBOs and I won, so fuck it, it was worth it.

What are your predictions for fashion in 2007?

I don't know. Street fashion always stays the same - same tracksuits, different colours. Trainers always stay the same. I wear Stan Smiths, but a lot of kids wear Air Forces or Huaraches or Dunks. With me, it's always going to stay plain.

Is there anything you wouldn't wear?
Skinny jeans, like Russell Brand's.

Why not?
'Cos girls wear them.

What do you think of Russell Brand?

I like him; he's funny. But I don't like his clothes or his hair.

If someone offered you a massive clothing deal to promote skinny jeans would you do it?
No, would you?

Yeah of course I would. I heard you got a big modelling deal with Hugo Boss in Japan.
Rah. That's just a rumour, but it seems like it's getting worse every time. I heard I got a deal, but I didn't hear it was in Japan. Someone's added that bit in too.

Kano's press guy:
Last question, please.

Me: Do you regret the trouser shorts in the "Brown Eyes" video?

Nah! I like them.

Would you say they're a good look?

Yeah, of course they're a good look. Well, for holiday - not in England.

Kano's press guy: OK, we need to finish the interview there.

Here's Tinchy Stryder's new video for the song "Breakaway". I also mentioned this a little while back. It's on Channel U now, but I just can't watch that station - it's filled with some of the worst music and most aesthetically displeasing videos ever made. It's like a form of torture.

I know this is a bit Back To The Future if you're a yank, but I only saw it today and it's really funny.


Anonymous said...

look your head all balooning up. go and write vice reviews its all your good for

Oscar Wilde said...


Anonymous said...

Your constant sarcastic tone and 'bigging up' of yourself in a way that's supposed to be funny in a trendy way is just dry - it just makes you sound like a dirkhead.

It's a shame because your so safe in person.


thanks so much for the "advice" guys. it touches my heart, it really does.

Anonymous said...



I know! i'm 10 times better on the internet than in real life. i sometimes wish i could absorb myself into the internet and live my life there...

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