Retiring, Retiring, He Can't Stop Retiring

Hey did anyone else hear that Wiley's retired? No one's mentioned anything about that yet have they?

It's Logan I feel sorry for. That's like 25 per cent of his playlist gone. What the hell is he gonna play now? Anyway, I called up Wiley to get the worldwide exclusive, never seen before reasons why he's putting down the mic.

Me: Hey Wiley, how are you?

Wiley: Did I mention I've retired?

I heard about that. How do Big Dada feel about it?
I've got a kid - a yoot, a young'n, a little one.

Did I mention I've retired?

Is it true Footsie tried to rush you? Was that the final straw?
I'm retiring, you know. Let the world know: Wiley has retired.

When someone stops doing something they've been doing as a career for a number of years never to do it again, it's called retiring.

I've officially retired.

So... see you down Scratcha's studio laying down some new tracks in a couple of months?
Yeah, definitely.

I'm all about this video right now. What could be better than dressing in new clothes, showing off your new Chevrolet, hanging out with your friends and being really mysogonistic? (I'm joking about the last part, I promise). The Lil' Jon beat is retarded, too.

R.I.P. Disco D who committed suicide earlier this week. He was one of my favourite ghettotech producers from back in the day, and was making power moves as a hip hop producer, so it's sad to see him gone.


Jammer told me he's made seven full mixtapes. He went crazy and made all the tracks after his girlfriend split up with him last year. Expect one full mixtape filled with tracks of him crying - nothing else, just constant crying. (Only joking, of course). He'll be releasing one a month starting next month. Hmmmnnn...


Alex Bok Bok said...

much as i love jammer i doubt his monthly mix cds are gonna stand up to tunnel vision

that video is heavy, specially the bit with the CDR drives

Anonymous said...

I'm really sad about Disco D. Just as soon Paulo and Philippa complete "Are you dumb or are you gay volume 6" mix I'm gonna do a Disco D tribute mix.

Booty Bar Anthem what a track! He even made Princess Superstar sound good on another track.

Anonymous said...

does anyone actually believe wiley's retired?

dubmugga said...

maybe he's just retired the name and entity that is Wiley...

...and taking some time to reincarnate and metamorphosise, reinvigorate his flow and work on some fresh bars

someone should do a 'some kind of monster' type of doco about him...

...followed by a pick a new MC name for wiley's next persona competition ???

real MC's are like punch drunk boxers, they never retire cos they love the pain...