I really feel for his dog. He's gonna be long gone before Titch hits road again. On a slightly more serious note, I did a little post on the Vice blog about the case, shedding a bit of light on the reason why Titch is serving 30 years for murder.

This is my new clubnight. I was originally supposed to have Ce'Cile and Rapid Ric on this lineup, but both of their UK tours got put back, so right now I'm pretty pissed. This will still be the best night of the whole year though, so you'd be stupid to miss it. Expect some other special guest MCs too - I'm still sorting it out.

Here's some reviews I did for the Gangs & Cults issue Of Vice. There's some more of mine in there too, but whatever.

Grime Wave


Wow, a bunch of songs everybody has already heard a thousand times mixed by a DJ with one arm - not a great outlook, eh? I know people are saying this is some type of definitive grime compilation, and maybe it is, but surely they could have stuck a couple of newish ones on there. Also, it claims to be hosted by D Double E, but he barely says a word throughout the whole mix.


My Ghetto Report Card
Reprise/Warner Bros


This is great if you're content to listen to almost a whole album of E-40 saying the same things slightly differently over and over in the exact same tone. It's like having, I dunno, Snowboard Barbie, Bobsled Barbie, Slalom Barbie, Broken Pelvis Barbie... If you like Barbie you're not gonna be disappointed. Yadaddafeelme?


Xtra EP
Rapid Fire


I don't think I'll ever get bored of a new Ruff Sqwad beat. These kids just keep on delivering. One thing though guys: can someone ask Fuda Guy to stop wearing his designer man bag - it's really not a big look.


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Anonymous said...

llow it
man bags look good. i am a girl n i kno if mans has enuff important tingz 2 put in a bag then he must b a keeper. bulging pockets looks shit. a bag full of fones, money. ganja and the keys to my heart... looks decent.
feelin the prada and nike ones stil