DO IT! on Friday night was fun. The only mini disaster was Ears not showing up. I'm not really bothered - I booked loads of MCs because I knew some wouldn't show - but David Sugar (who Ears was supposed to do a PA with) was there for hours waiting with his stuff set up and ready to go but couldn't play in the end.

Loads of people turned up so some couldn't get in - sorry about that. Btw, check out the guy above with the dreads getting his pout on (???) - it's a lot.

Ruff Sqwad were a bit late so some people played a game of dance around the pizza box while they were waiting for them to arrive. Getting grime MCs to turn up on time is nearly impossible. I spent the first few hours of the night on the phone giving directions and reminding the MCs when they had to turn up. Luckily Ruff Sqwad have a manager so it wasn't too much trouble getting them to the venue.

I was glad to see Dirty Danger sensibly wrapping up warm for the winter in some knitwear.

I played some old classics like "Pied Piper" and "Misty Cold" for Ruff Sqwad's set. People said afterwards that the sound was going up and down a lot during the set, but that wasn't my fault. The engineer was blaring the music out really loud through the monitors on the stage, so the MCs kept coming over and turning the voulme on the mixer down, but as soon as they did this, the engineer would shove the volume up again. One of the main things we wanted when we started the night was to get good sound, so we're probably going to have to find another venue for the next one.

Jam performed after Ruff Sqwad and played some new songs from his mixtape Are You Dumb. I've seen Jam perform a lot and this was probably the best PA I've seen from him. (Thanks to Hyperfrank for the above picture, and Emma for the rest).

As one thing begins, another ends (kind of). I've spotted that RWD magazine is for sale. I'm sure it won't shut down, but it's pretty weird that it's up for sale. Anyway, I'm gonna help them out by advertising it here too. I hope it isn't sold before Christmas because I've written to Santa Claus to see if he can leave it under my Christmas tree this year.

Wiley clashing Nasty Jack at Sidewinder last weekend.

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Anonymous said...

if rwds for sale i think hattie collins and danny walker should go on dragons den maybe and get an investor. i would sell all my rare garage dubplates and excloos promos to see them pitch it to duncan ballantine and the rest.