Sorry for my lenghty absence. I've been locked inside Hattie Collins' suitcase on her recent round the world trip, unable to escape. Only joking, of course. In reality, I've been busy writing for the Vice blog and sorting out stuff for my new club night.

DJ Wonder came by the Vice office last week (or maybe the week before) to drop off a CD containing his album artwork. I don't know why most guys in grime don't just use email. They could save A LOT on petrol and could also use the time saved to take up a new hobby, such as knitting - Crazy Titch will have plenty of spare time for this kind of thing). Anyway, the album cover looks good, doesn't it?

I'm DJing in Brighton on November 24 as part of Vice Kills. I'll also be playing at all the other Vice Kills events around the UK, so it'll be like a mini Prancehall tour. Look out for that.

People are saying this is the new Roll Deep video and it kind of is but really isn't it just an Operation Trident video which Roll Deep have provided a song for? They don't even make an appearance, which is ridiculous considering the main objective of making a grime video is so you can get your face on Channel U. On a related note, you can download a song from Roll Deep's new mixtape Rules & Regulations here.


SPOTTED: Stormin' at Old Street tube station earlier this week. The scab on his face looked a lot redder than it usually does - I guess he's been picking it.

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