grime person + famous person = famous grime person

Pete Doherty & Statik

That Babyshambles song that Stats produced is out on October 30th.

Ghostface Killah & Lady Sovereign

Sov is actually pretty famous in America now. Very strange.

I don't think I'll ever tire of these grime spoof videos (maybe).

I spotted Frisco (who was too busy to get me a drop for my mixtape) has laid down a verse on a song by this girl called GoldieLocks. The track's rather aptly named "Wasteman" (JU-OKE). Listen here.

A lesson in how to do a great PA at a club by Young Jeezy.


Prancehall's Mummy said...

OMG Titich just got 30yrs (for murder duh)..please please dedicate your next blog to him but not you life (no need to go overboard)..Titch is officially now a Grime Icon, he is to Grime what Mystikal and Shyne are to Hip Hop.......Airrrr ahhh ha ha ha ha.

Note to Mc's: Do not actually Kill people or you'll be banged up for all eternity... you dickhead.

Anonymous said...

What a Dick Head:

I can see you/you can see me/i can see your not a real true Gee

Say my name Crazy Crazy

prancehall's dad said...

And so the senseless violence in pursuit of being a "Badman" continues. Lets hope this is a first and a last in Grime.

Lets keep Grime violence to the schoolboy "Wars" "Beefs"
that we love,without things ever getting to the level Titich took things. No guns,no knives just bats (like Tempa T teaches us)

Lets keep it to, Marcus swinging Jammer by the locks, or Marcus throwing Jammer off the stage, or Marcus tryna barge his way into Kano's house, or Marcus bullying Double, or Lethal rushing Wylie with a bunch of girls he calls "a crew" (but not boaring im, thats..not nice)

Note to Mc's: Take up a sport say tennis or karate to help burn off aggrssion

Chris said...

You think its very strange that Sov is big in the states?

it's 'cause she subtracted the grime... her fame formula's a little different than this one.