Have a look at my pictures Mr. Prancehall - Vol. 1

God's Gift spotted on DJ Bok Bok's TV screen.

Wow, I've been literally inundated with random snaps over the last few days. Even as I type, my computer is ready to explode with the sheer volume of pictures attached to emails being received. It's a lot right now. It's a lot.

Fire Camp spotted jumping around on stage.

I have to say, these are all great and everything, but I was expecting more 'rabbit in the headlights' type stuff. I want a picture or maybe short film of you chasing someone from Ruff Sqwad down the road after they've just come out of Waitrose. That kind of stuff would be perfect. Old stuff is good too.

Flirta D and some guy from SLK (R.I.P.) spotted by James Benenson in a North London bar.

Before I go I thought I'd mention that I heard Trim is in prison in Ayia Napa. Don't tell anyone I told you.


manara said...

i saw target at new cross gate station, he's in some pictures that i just HAPPENED to take i'll post them up sometime if he;s legible

Anonymous said...

I saw Lethal B browsing for curtains in Debenhams, and I'm pretty sure that I bought a bucket of fried chicken off a member of So Solid Crew recently. No pictures though.


please send all pictures over to: prancehall at gmail dot com.

i want everything.