Dear Prancehall

I get quite a few letters every week (thank you). Usually, they are pretty random, so it's always a bit of a surprise / nuisance to get a normal one.

The letter below comes from a disgruntled student in Manchester. If you have any other questions or queries regarding music / relationship problems / cooking tips, feel free to send them through and I may or may not answer.

Hi there, alright straight to the point. Why isnt there any grime nights up
in manchester?! I come from the town of dodgy facelifts(croydon) so
obviously i can shoot down anywhere in london to go and see necklin' grime.
But since moving here for uni last september, there been nothing except for
a set plasticman did few months back which cost £17 to get in ( i aint paying
that, im a student)
I talk to people up here who are into hiphop, rap and reggae etc, and they
aint even heard of grime, they think im talking about dirt or something.

Anyway if you of like any upcoming dates and that, it be good to hear them,
im fed up of wigan pier sodding happy hardcore all the time.

And keep up the good work, your blog ting is great!

ETA needs you now

If anybody out there knows of anything going on up there in the hills up north, post the info in the comments section or email me or something.

Also, if you have any pictures of you with your fave grime MC/DJ , email them to me and I'll post them here. I want everything you've got, no matter how old. If you've got none, then you need to go out and get some. For example, if you see Wiley outside the KFC in Bethnal Green, I want you to chase after him and take a picture and then send it to me. Snaps of virtually unknown grime artists welcome too. Get sending right away.


alex bkbk said...

well its not like there are any grime nights in London either so man's not missing out on much!

Gift spotted on my TV screen:

Fire Camp (looked better than they sounded):

ill dig around for some more

A Student Body said...

Damn man, i was waiting for a reply to the email i sent you, and was vexing cos i werent getting one, and i go on the blog today, and i see you posted my email.
Get in there!
Come and dj up here, ill pay for your train fair(if you got young person railcard thingy)and sort out a club/student night for you.

RichardSkween said...

Prancehall getting all the sweet gigs now...

bender said...

it's cos the pigs ain't having it. there are crews here (see virus syndicate etc) but it's too hard to get anything going; all the venues are too scared

there have only been a couple of decent events here, mainly dubstep, and at one of them in february someone bussed a gun out in the dj box cos the (big name) DJ wouldn't let him chat. yeah nice one dickhead, that's just killed the scene in Mcr for the next 2 years (if not forever)